Friday, 3 May 2013

well hello there world. by the way, im back to blogger. um twitter facebook instagram keek tmblr and everything make me sick! so i decided to go back to old school. yeah blog! the place where i shared all my feelings, in here. i do loves using blogger. because i can write and keep telling my story and my feelings to all my followers ((i dont have followers)) um...yeah. despite of everyone especially Gurlssss looking for some attention on facebook, twitter, instagram, im here to tell u im totally not interested with all that. like, TOTALLY.
its about 3 years ago where i found that blogger is absolutely exciting just because i can edit my blog, change the header, the background, music, create some doodles, and more. i felt like im cooler than everyone when i can post my OWN blog tutorial hahahahahaha.

sometimes i hardly believe that im no longer a kid. i hate being a teenager. im serious, if i could turn the time and i want to be a little cute 3 years old girl so that i dont really have to give a fuck about my future, how do i look, and especially about school!

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